5 Main Questions

What’s been keeping you awake:

Marking, lesson planning, trying to keep up with work as she spends longer and longer mapping a deserted cold war bunker she found.

What just happened to you:

Ofsted called, they’re coming to inspect the school in a day and nothing is ready!

What’s on the surface:

Neat and organised. An orderly Middle-aged teacher of geography.

What lies beneath:

a house strewn with books, everything is starting to unravel as she maps more and more of the bunker

What’s your path:

Earn enough to quit her job and move into the bunker, no more kids!


Exhaustion Talent:

Finding things, be they small mistakes in a students work, or hidden doors build by a crazy cold war-obsessed millionaire.

Madness Talent:

The red pen of marking. Can “correct” reality to suit her needs.


One Shoting angrytramp