5 Main Questions:

What’s been keeping you awake:

The trees and plants call to me for help and to consume me, they need me and i need them, nut I’m not ready to be consumed!

What just happened to you:

I’ve just broken into the environmental office and am setting light to oil soaked rags as the main door bursts open.

What’s on the surface:

Thin and smelling of trees and lavender, probably would mostly considered a dirty hippy.

What lies beneath:

An environmental activist but under the belief they work for the moon to purify the world of humans

What’s your path:

That the plants are given a chance to survive without the restriction of humanity


Exhaustion talent:

Climbing, digging and anything to get away from the authorities, including nasty man traps as required

Madness talent:

Controlling or introducing in the natural/plant world, from having ivy reroute to provide a climbing frame, to bushes devouring men, to oak trees appearing from the ground swallowing a building


One Shoting angrytramp