5 Main Questions

What’s been keeping you awake:

My past is catching up with me. The man in red lurks at the periphery of my vision, inhabiting the shadows between blinks, staring at me through the cracks under doorframes. If I let my guard down for even a second, he’ll find me again… as long as I keep drinking this coffee, I’ll be fine… right?

What just happened to you:

I’m working late at the office, but I let my guard down and start nodding off. My arm slips and knocks my half-finished whiskey off the desk, bringing me back to my senses with an alarming snap. As I struggle to pick up the pieces of broken glass, my clumsy hands catch on particularly sharp shard and open up a cut on my thumb. Swearing loudly, I try to stem the flow with a cloth… but it won’t stop. It keeps pooling out across the floor, seemingly endless, till the whole floor is covered in red. It doesn’t stop there, either. It starts to crawl slowly up the walls, and I let out a strangled cry of horror as it forms a grinning face I was drinking to forget.

What’s on the surface:

A police detective who’s seen better days since quitting the force, now gets casual work from time to time as a PI. A taciturn and grouchy personality, who takes takes little care of his appearance and seems to be a touch paranoid, constantly looking over his shoulder. Movements are jittery and wired, presumably due to some combination of large doses of caffeine or the past narcotic addiction.

What lies beneath:

I’m recovering from a traumatic experience and a heavy drug addiction I picked up while working undercover for the narcotics squad several years ago. After 4 years undercover, I awoke in the cartel’s den one night surrounded by bloodied corpses and confronted by a somehow familiar figure covered head to toe in blood, holding a pair of wicked looking knives. Without saying a word, he grinned at me and laid the knives out my feet, walking straight out of the open door. It is my firm belief that he let me live only so that he could torment me with the fear of not knowing when he would return to claim his last victim. I told the police that the attack was done by some rival gang members, but there was one fact that I never told anyone… I saw the man’s face – and it looked like my own.

What’s your path:

I need to face my fears and find the secret of the man in red before he finds me, and eliminate him once and for all.


Exhaustion talent:
- not sure what’s available here, I didnt have permission to access the dropbox files :( but from my past I figure something to do with sleuthing, investigation, weapon skills, or super-keen senses from being overly paranoid

Madness talent:
- any suggestions here? something specific to do with idea of the man in red could be cool… maybe a Jekyll / Hyde sort of thing?


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