Yaz - Kenshin Hikari

5 Main Questions:

What’s been keeping you awake:

Guilt! A lifetime spent mercilessly slaughtering anyone who stood in my Family’s way will do that to a person. …Or, so you’d think? It never seemed to affect my brother or sister, even that last time when… ohgod!

What just happened to you:

The Toushiro Family, honoured for so long for the entirely legal wealth they’d amassed over the generations, made some bad calls. Then some very bad calls, like borrowing from Us. Or maybe Them, now. Either way, We were sent in to teach them a lesson, as always. The thing is, normally, our Family deals with petty criminals and other Yakuza. These guys were just… a family, albeit a recently very wealthy one. Turns out I wasn’t ready to be killing kids; in that final sword-stroke something clicked and I cut… something else. Then, I was somewhere else.

What’s on the surface:

He’s obviously athletic, agile. Haunted. He’ll try to avoid combat at first and might appear cowardly unless someone else is in harms way. Unable to stand seeing people hurt anymore, he’ll do his best to avoid letting it happen, first trying to avert conflict, then trying to end it without fatalities. However…

What lies beneath:

A dark, guilty desire. Deep down, he hates everyone that doesn’t deal with his guilt and he longs for the unrivalled competence he felt when slaughtering. Despite the guilt that always followed, whether killing mother, murderer or rapist, a part of him always enjoyed it in the moment. If force to unsheathe his sword, he’ll swing it with unbridled glee.

Of course, it’s unlikely very many people know he’s ex-Yakuza either.

What’s your path:

He wants to bring peace, to protect those around him, to live a life where he never sees another person fall in violence. Of course, this isn’t particularly likely. At the very least, he wishes to repent for the crimes he’s committed, finding some way to bring peace to those left behind by the lives he’s destroyed, or to bring an end to his disowned Family without simply killing them all.


Exhaustion talent:

Hand to hand combat; used when his hand is forced and violence needs to be stopped; he is very good at disarming and incapacitating an opponent without causing permanent harm.

Madness talent:

Swordplay… or, just cutting, really. With a blade in hand, there’s nothing he can’t cut but you won’t catch him parrying. Unfortunately, he can’t draw a blade without cutting something, so it’s rare that he raises a sword without killing.

Madness Thoughts (Inspired by Don’t Lose Your Mind, I thought I’d put some brief thoughts together in that format):

1-2 Dice: Cleave something nearby: a door, a person, a car, etc

3-4 Dice: Cut something far away, or just ridiculous: bisect a building, cut a bullet out of the air or a plane out of the sky.

5-6 Dice: Slice through ideas and possibilities: cut off ties between two people, cut off a man’s air supply, cut the mustard.

Fight: Cut! As if calling the end of a scene, time stops a moment and victims collapse like puppets with cut strings.

Flight: Let’s cut! A slice through time and space itself, a perfect escape if one is willing to brave a glimpse into the beyond and has the discipline or good fortune to end up somewhere safer than they started out.

How Do I Change: Each time, in contrast, the thrill of drawing the blade grows brighter and the guilt that follows grow darker. As he withdraws into himself, the guilt and aversion he feels to killing begin to pale behind the temptation of that shiny curved blade. The sword begin to take over his life once more, but this time it’s becoming his life. As time passes, he won’t be able to go long without cutting, or killing.

What Am I Becoming: As the sword literally takes over his life, it’ll take on a mind of its own. The feeble protestations of weak flesh and breaking mind seem pointless and, worse, inconvenient with everything around so ugly and… whole. Flesh begins to give way to steel, blood to oil, eyes to jewels, until the body is a mere vehicle to move that blade and cut everything to ribbons. He’s become a Death Machine.

Yaz - Kenshin Hikari

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