The 5 Questions

What’s been keeping you awake:

My stalker ex-wife. If I fall asleep for even a moment she could appear out of nowhere and kidnap me, and I don’t want to think about what she’ll do next. I’m therefore always on the move.

What just happened to you:

I got chased into a bar by a pair of giant mutant squirrels, so I’m taking shelter while they stare at me through the windows and try to get through the door (but I know they’re too big). I bet she put them up to it.

What’s on the surface:

A ‘slightly’ crazy and paranoid middle-aged man called Terry, fairly short but surprisingly fast and agile.

What lies beneath:

My paranoia is because I used to be a KGB agent but have been away from Russia for over 20 years. I still live in fear that they’ll find me again, or worse my ex-wife will get to me first.

What’s your path:

Just trying to find some peace, perhaps retire to a quiet island somewhere


Exhaustion talent:


Madness talent:

Creating electromagnetic fields (e.g. to move metal objects or shoot lightning)


One Shoting angrytramp